None Better

I still maintain that nobody has ever come up with a better looking, more versatile, more pleasingly styled storage unit that the famed ESU by Charles and Ray Eames. It looks just as fresh today as it did when it was first created more than seventy year ago.

The Forgotten Art of George Mulhauser

Mid-Century Modern Freak | 1970 Encyclopedia of Home Improvement Via

That chair in the upper right corner of the room?

It’s a Plycraft Lounge by George Mulhauser. You don’t see those in the wild all that much, but it is a great chair. I’ve seen them in local shops in excellent condition for under $1000. I find them far more comfortable than the Eames lounge.

Mulhauser also did the ubiquitous knockoff of the Eames lounge, of which I have two in my living room. Also more comfortable than the original. And probably outsold the Eames version ten to one back in the day.

Eames, Eames, Eames

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Champaign house 3.6.11

I took more house photos today, though it was in the late afternoon so the light isn’t as good as I would have wanted. Better than nothing though — I’ll redo them soon maybe.

You know I can’t get enough of the world of the Eames partnership. Here’s another tasty sample. That folding sofa really works well in smaller spaces, doesn’t it?

It should. It was designed for that sort of thing.


Redbud Midcentury for Sale : Modern Tulsa Architecture


This stunning Mid-Century Modern combines the best of updated convenience melded seamlessly with the original features unique to this architectural style.


I think this is supposed to be a dining room, but the approach would work quite well as an office, too.

I’m not a big fan of using wheeled versions of the Aluminum Group in non-office settings, by the way. The AG pieces I use in my own home don’t use the wheels – except for the chair in my office, of course.